St Andrews Engineering Group (SEG) is a student-run society located in the University of St Andrews, dedicated to allowing students to develop various engineering skills.

People from all kind of backgrounds are welcome to join us. We expect no prior engineering knowledge and are keen to teach all the necessary skills.

Every year we undertake a society-wide engineering project requiring the vast skillset and knowledge of all our members to complete.

Throughout each year we run workshops to teach and discuss various engineering topics, ranging from Electronics and Mechanics to Computer Science.

We seek to promote engineering in St Andrews and provide a medium for students to learn, share ideas, participate in a large-scale technical projects and have fun in the process.

Seg Manifesto

As a society we have committed to carry out the following pledges

Provide students with technical knowledge required to work on interesting engineering projects

Strengthen relations between our university and other academic institutions

Communicate with the local community of St Andrews and organise public events

Bring together students and staff from various departments and different disciplines

Engage students in more extracurricular activities: organise design workshops and social events

Reach out to graduates and get them involved by sharing their knowledge and experience

F.I.A.S.C.O (Futuristic Ingeniously Assembled Space and Cosmos Observer
During the year 2016/17, we have decided to build a weather balloon that could perform measurements, take pictures of the stratosphere and communicate the acquired information back to the ground station.


If you wish to know more about us, want to get involved in our work, or are interested in sponsorship, please use the contact form below.

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